The Homebrew Ukulele Union is a participatory group that shares music all over Illinois and over the Internet. The group grows out of the class Designing Musical Experiences at the University of Illinois, taught by Matthew Thibeault.

Members make their own ukuleles (from kits by Grizzly), and the ukuleles then remake the members into an ensemble that focuses on the joys of sharing music together.

Learn more about us by reading some of the following articles:

UIUC Postmarks piece, “Making music for the fun of it”. 

Daily Illini piece, “Ukulele gives music education class a new dimension”.

UIUC News Bureau piece, “Ukulele event highlights class designed to instill lifelong love of music”.

3 responses

6 11 2012
Chris Cadman

Is your group open for participation, or is it only associated with the university courses? I’m relatively new to the ukulele, well beyond college years, just looking for a group to strum with. I know of some other like people. Wondering if your group is a possibility or if we should work on forming a group for the recreational uke players in the area. Thank you for your time and information. Chris Cadman, Decatur

6 11 2012

Hi Chris,

The class is only for those affiliated with the University of Illinois, but all of our sing-along events are completely public and open to all. We’ll likely have one more event this semester, probably a Tuesday night the first or second week of December. Check back in a few weeks for the details, and please do come on out!

8 11 2012
Chris Cadman

Thanks for the reply. I’m a stummer, not a singer. I’m looking for groups that get together on a regular basis for strumming jams. I went to your perfomance for the Folks Root, kids were great.

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