More Warren Buffett uke coverage

8 08 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 3.31.24 PMA nice piece on about the uke in Nebraska, and Nebraska’s beloved uke player Warren Buffett.

Speaking of which, how long until someone crunches the numbers and talks about the mean salary of uke players (significantly impacted by the Buffett outlier!)? I can see the “ukes make you richer” bumper stickers already…

Nice piece by Nathan Kruse on ukulele groups and ohana

8 08 2013

For those interested in academic understandings of the kinds of  uke playing similar to what the HUU pursues, the current issue of the Journal of Community Music contains a great piece by Nathan Kruse.

The article, “Without U, it’s Just Kelele” is available on the journal’s website. The journal is behind a paywall, although those in university communities may have access. Alternately, journals often provide the author the ability to share copies in some way, and you might just want to contact Professor KruseScreen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.49.42 AM

Images from Champaign’s Friday Night Live 8/2/13 gig

4 08 2013

We had a great showing from the Robeson Ukulele Club and loads of fun singing along at the start of the St. Jude’s charity run! Here are a few photos, taken by Kelly White.

47736_678715532158592_1801432228_n 375659_678715702158575_2000014159_n 954768_678715692158576_878955769_n 1098486_678715645491914_552400956_n 17762_678715548825257_1901725304_n 1002600_678715605491918_67085804_n