Toyama International Festival Sing-along November 2016

15 11 2016

What a wonderful event, with a few hundred people crammed into the small venue. The acoustics were wonderful for singing together, thanks for coming!



Pepin sing-along November 2016

13 11 2016

We had fun!


Japanese Earth Day sing-along

17 10 2016

The Japanese contingent of the Homebrew had a wonderful sing-along at an Earth Day celebration in a forest preserve. In addition to ukulele we played sanshin for some Okinawan min’yo.

Nice piece on Ukulele 101 via NAfME

11 10 2016

This looks like it will be a great inservice. Great, practical advice! Read the article here:


The uke in Missouri

31 08 2016

Here’s a nice article on a program using ukes in Missouri:

“I got to thinking that I could do the ukulele,” said Spears. “It was becoming a popular thing all over the world to teach children this way. I decided that I would try to implement it here.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.18.57 AM

Sing-along in Japan

9 03 2016

The Homebrew diaspora extends around America and now to Japan, where Matt has relocated for a few years. In the meantime, we’ll be posting the occasional participatory event, such as this singalong at the Toyama JET International Festival.

The audience sang along to several well-known American folk songs, making for a wonderful afternoon performance.

Great column about ukulele programs in General Music Today

6 03 2016

GibelhausenA shout out to a wonderful column in General Music Today by Robin Gibelhausen, “So, You’re Thinking About Starting a Ukulele Program?”

Throughout, Robin discusses her approaches to teaching, detailing thoughtful and engaging ideas for teaching. Even those who have been teaching the uke for years are likely to find a few novel approaches (such as “air uke”) to stimulate their pedagogic imaginations.