Hong Kong Ukulele Meetup!

26 02 2018

I had a chance to join the Hong Kong Ukulele Meetup this past weekend. It was wonderful! Highly recommended for those interested in strumming for fun with others.


Ukulele as equivalent to yoga

16 08 2017

Nice new article, enjoy!


Toyama International Festival Sing-along November 2016

15 11 2016

What a wonderful event, with a few hundred people crammed into the small venue. The acoustics were wonderful for singing together, thanks for coming!



Pepin sing-along November 2016

13 11 2016

We had fun!


Japanese Earth Day sing-along

17 10 2016

The Japanese contingent of the Homebrew had a wonderful sing-along at an Earth Day celebration in a forest preserve. In addition to ukulele we played sanshin for some Okinawan min’yo.

Nice piece on Ukulele 101 via NAfME

11 10 2016

This looks like it will be a great inservice. Great, practical advice! Read the article here: http://www.nafme.org/ukulele-101-beginners-guide-ukulele-elementary-general-music-classroom/?platform=hootsuite


The uke in Missouri

31 08 2016

Here’s a nice article on a program using ukes in Missouri: http://www.enterprisepub.com/movalley/news/ukulele-is-an-inspiring-trendy-way-to-teach-music/article_f3f43420-1d18-11e6-8c19-773b595d523a.html

“I got to thinking that I could do the ukulele,” said Spears. “It was becoming a popular thing all over the world to teach children this way. I decided that I would try to implement it here.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.18.57 AM

Sing-along in Japan

9 03 2016

The Homebrew diaspora extends around America and now to Japan, where Matt has relocated for a few years. In the meantime, we’ll be posting the occasional participatory event, such as this singalong at the Toyama JET International Festival.

The audience sang along to several well-known American folk songs, making for a wonderful afternoon performance.

Great column about ukulele programs in General Music Today

6 03 2016

GibelhausenA shout out to a wonderful column in General Music Today by Robin Gibelhausen, “So, You’re Thinking About Starting a Ukulele Program?”

Throughout, Robin discusses her approaches to teaching, detailing thoughtful and engaging ideas for teaching. Even those who have been teaching the uke for years are likely to find a few novel approaches (such as “air uke”) to stimulate their pedagogic imaginations.



Holiday Sing-along

21 12 2015


Here’s the songs for the winter sing-along I’m conducting in Toyama, Japan. Click here for a text document (might be better for some smartphones).

Here’s the songs, in the same order as the text file:

1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

3. Frosty The Snow Man

4. Jingle Bells

5. Deck the Halls

6. White Christmas

7. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

8. Feliz Navidad

9. Have yourself a merry little Christmas

10. Silent Night

11. ”Imagine”

12. ”All You Need Is Love”

13. Hard Day’s Night

14. ”In My Life”

15. I Will

16. ”Last Christmas”

17. Wonderful Christmas Time

18. ”Let It Be”

19. ”Can’t Buy Me Love”

20. You’ve Got a Friend

21. いと


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